Put your engines to the test. All parts are critically checked and professionally cleaned, defective parts replaced. The result: maximum performance at a high level.

The general overhaul of servomotors usually includes at least the following work:

  • Disassembly of the engine components and their cleaning with ultrasound
  • Store the motors completely new
  • Renew bearing plate of rear bearing
  • Swap the pressure springs of the brake for new ones
  • Replace brake linings with new parts (in accordance with Pollutant Ordinance 2006)
  • Replace shaft seal
  • Check rotor shafts in test stand for concentricity
  • Insulation tests of the field windings with 0.5 / 0.75 KV depending on the motor

Refurbished engines are repainted with special heat-dissipating paint and are tested for 8 hours in a test run under varying speeds and loads. During this running phase, the engine temperature is controlled. Finally, the performance of the overhauled servomotors is checked and documented on our engine test bench.

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